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הצוות המקצועי של ספרד רילוקיישן

Geraldine Pochon
Founder & Co-Director


With French nationality, living in Spain for the past 13 years with her family.

Fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Having a business degree from  NEOMA Business School, Six years experience working for CFAO Group P.P.R, as account manager and international relationship between Africa and Asia.  

Having a first hand relocation experience, since I moved to Mexico for about 8 years, then to Barcelona for 5 years and now since 8 years in Valencia.

Having passed the whole trail by myself, of course it gave me the best knowledge one can have regarding relocation between continent, culture and relocation inside the E.U. 

Ilan Helman

Our Legal advisor, head advisor and head of our consulting team.

Fluent in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

With a vast knowledge regarding real estate purchase and renting, our top negotiator and business developer, had himself passed through the relocation on his own, for more than one time, you can be sure that ilan will know the answers at your needs and hopes.

laura garcia, lawyer
Laura Garcia​​, lawyer / legal advisor


Our Spanish Legal advisor, with high level of experience and studies of foreign laws. 

Expert with all the immigration spanish law,  and the Spanish bureaucracy that you might have to handle once you process your relocation project.


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