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Declaración de la Renta, who should present it?. Full guide 2023. How to present your tax declaretio

How to present your tax declaration in Spain in 2023?

The Income Statement is a mandatory annual procedure that all taxpayers in Spain must comply with.

It is a statement in which the Tax Agency is informed about the income obtained during the fiscal year, as well as the deductions and expenses that can be applied.

It is important to note that not all taxpayers are required to submit the Income Statement.

There are certain limits and conditions that determine who must comply with this obligation.

For example, those who obtained income below certain thresholds established by law are not required to present it.

However, even if you are not required to submit the Income Statement, it is advisable to do so, since in many cases you can obtain benefits in the form of a tax refund or apply deductions that reduce the tax burden.

To present the Income Statement in Spain, there are different options. First of all, it can be done in person by going to a Tax Agency office and submitting all the necessary documents and forms.

However, the most common way to carry out this procedure is through the online platform enabled by the Tax Agency, where the declaration can be completed digitally and sent directly.

Regarding the deadlines, the opening of the campaign for the Income Statement in Spain is announced in the first quarter of each year, and the period to present it is usually between the months of April and June.

It is important to be aware of the established limits so as not to incur any penalty or sanction. In summary, the presentation of the Income Statement in Spain is an obligation for most taxpayers.

Although not everyone is required to file it, it is advisable to do so to take advantage of the tax benefits that can be obtained.

The process can be carried out in person or online, and it is important to comply with the established deadlines.

Do not hesitate to seek additional information or professional advice if you have questions or need help to comply with this tax responsibility.

Spain Relocation can help you to present your Declaracion de la Renta with their Tax specialists.

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